Originally meaning a snack taken during a short break, the Alliance uses the term to mean a casual meeting among French-speakers of all levels (who may or may not bring their lunches) to practice speaking French.

There are five choices of days and general topics, all instructor-led and meeting from noon to 1:30pm every week.

  • Monday: politique [levels B1 and up]
  • Tuesday: littérature [levels A2-B2]
  • Wednesday: chansons [levels A2-B2]
  • Thursday: culture générale [levels A2-B2]
  • Saturday: varied topics [levels A1-B1] (Suitable for beginners)

This is a great chance to participate in an AF activity without committing to an entire class!

$40 for four tickets to be used at any 4 casse-croûtes ($20 if you are also enrolled in a regular class)

Tickets never expire!

SPECIAL OPPORTUNITY!  Never been to a casse-croûte? Tell the teacher, and your first time is FREE!