Childrens' French Class

All children's classes meet on Saturdays. Dialogue with the teacher is usually necessary in order to place the child in the correct class.

Children will receive an introduction to the French-speaking world; they engage in playful activities through song, dance, nursery rhymes and more. (Children aged 2-3 years are usually placed into the Tout Petit class, lasting 30 minutes per week; one parent must accompany the child.)

Older children will learn a broader vocabulary of words and structures while using them in fun, age-appropriate activities like arts and crafts, songs, dance, games, story time and film. (Children aged 4-6 are usually placed in a Maternelle class, lasting 45 minutes per week; children aged 7-12 are usually placed in an Explorateur class, lasting 60 minutes per week.)

Get your kids started today!  If interested or for more information, please email our Education Director, Karla Beck, or call us at 314-432-0734.